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Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds | Lakestyle Canada

June 18, 2019

Get ready for summer time at the lake with Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds including water toys, our favourite cozy warm socks and moccasins at night by the fire.

Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds

Lakestyle has been searching for the latest and greatest perfect lake items for Spring and Summer 2019. Here are Lakestyle’s Summer Lake Finds for you to get out on your dock and enjoy this lake season.

Top 12 Summer Finds

1. The All Natural Ceasar Mix [$7.99] by Walters is sure to get your taste buds hopping and your afternoon rocking this summer at the lake. Check out Goodness Me! to order yours online today or check out Find Walter to locate brick and mortar locations for pick up.

2. The Floating Island Pad [$769] from Lakestyle Inc. will keep an entire group of children or adults entertained on the water all weekend. Say goodbye to buying inflatable lake toys every season, as this huge floating island will never spring a leak.


3. The Rocky Mountain Soap Company is committed to providing natural simple ingredients in their products. A great soap to add to your cabin or cottage bathroom this summer is the Cedarwood and Fir Bar Soap [$5.95] as it brings nature in with its woodsy aromas.



4. At the Drake General Store there is a perfect match for your cabin pancakes – Amber Maple Syrup [$18.00]. Your breakfasts and brunches will never be the same.


5. The Solar Stud Lights [39.99] for Lakestyle Inc. are a fantastic way to light up a deck, dock, driveway, patio or outdoor stairs at the cabin or cottage. Designed with a solid cast aluminum body that is sealed to resist weather and moisture, these lights will light your lake activities long into the night.


6. The Canadian Flag Deluxe Armchair [$21.99] from Canadian Tire features a strong weather resistant steel frame, a Canadian flag printed on both sides and is made of durable polyester fabric with a water repellent coating to encourage water beading. With a mesh beverage holder located in the arm rest, this chair is perfect for lazy long days on the dock.


7. Canoe Suede Moccasins [$99.99] from Manitobah are perfect for this lazy coffee mornings at the lake. Look stylish and comfortable while supporting a great #madeinCanada company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


8. Breanne Morrow, a talented Canadian Artist has started a studio called White Feather Designs in Meaford, Ontario. With many designs and collections to choose from, there will be a jewelry piece that speaks to you. Lakestyle likes the Multi Reticulated Necklace in Mint [$95.00].


9. The Aqua Blue Iced Tea Pitcher [$28.00] from David’s Tea is sure to cool off all of your summer lake guests. The pitcher isn’t limited to making tea. Try using it to make our signature Lakestyle Cucumber Lemonade recipe.


10. The Prairie Mug [$25.00] from Flannel Foxes is a stylish way to stay toasty at the cabin this summer on those stormy days as well as those chilly mornings on the dock in the warmer months.


11. These Hard Working at the Lake Socks [$18.00] from Blacknot Farm® (Petersfield, MB) are perfect for kicking back at the lake. Whether you are boating, or sitting on your dock, your toes are sure to stay warm in a pair of these beauties.


12. Last but no least of Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake finds is a new zero maintenance dock ladder [starting at $244.00] from Lakestyle. A new dock ladder will freshen up the look of your entire dock. These ladders are compatible to any dock system and their aluminum construction means no maintenance is required.


What are your top summer lake finds? Share your favourites in the comments section!

Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are to spend less time working and more time having fun! Check us out at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @LakestyleCA!



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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Dock More This Summer

February 19, 2019

What’s one of the best things about owning a lakefront property? Inviting guests to come hang out on your dock!

Your dock becomes centre stage when entertaining guests! It’s the launching pad for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and boating. It is a fantastic place to lounge in the sun, read, and relax. It’s a great place to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee or the sunset with a cocktail.

Here are three ways to help you enjoy all the activities on your dock this summer!

1. Get Comfortable with Dock Seating!

Lakestyle’s Favourite Adirondack Chairs from Patio Leisure Line

Lakestyle knows that having comfortable seating arrangements on your dock for your family and guests is super important. Your dock should have a variety of seating options, to suit the multiple activities and needs that the summer season demands. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Adirondack Chairs

Patio Leisure Line has a great line of stylish Adirondack Chairs that have been a staple on Lakestyle’s dock for years. They are a family owned and operated company based out of Brantford, Ontario. They pride themselves on being a ‘green’ company as they construct all their furniture from recycled high density polyethylene. Lakestyle loves these Adirondack Chairs because they require zero maintenance (no staining or painting EVER!) and they are heavy enough not to blow off the dock during a summer thunderstorm. Patio Leisure Line Adirondack Chairs come in 10 amazing colours and are available in Costco Locations across Canada. Lakestyle has a special love for their red ones!

Cedar Dock Benches

Lakestyle’s 4 ft Cedar Bench  Lakestyle has a fantastic cedar bench that can easily be installed on any brand of dock. With its wide armrests, it also doubles as a great place to set a drink or snack. The weather resistant cedar wood can be left natural or can be stained or painted to suit any style dock. Order this cedar bench on Lakestyle’s online store, with delivery available across Canada. With four feet of bench seating, you’ll be able to accommodate many dock guests comfortably without hogging much room on your dock!







2. Keep Lake Toys Organized on Your Dock Lakestyle’s Favourite Storage Options for your Dock

Since docks are often the gathering place at the lake, they can easily get cluttered with all of the various lake toys and equipment that make lake days amazing. Here are a few items that help keep your dock more organized!

Kayak/Paddleboard Brackets

Lakestyle has these handy kayak/paddle board brackets that work well to keep your dock surface clutter free! These brackets work great for canoes and large floatables as well.

Storage Options on Your Dock

Canadian Tire has a number of unique outdoor storage options to help keep smaller lake toys at bay. Here’s a unique circular model, the Circa Rattan Table Storage Box, that has 35 gallons of storage. It’s storage, a table and seating, combined into one good looking dock solution.

Dock Bumpers

Lakestyle also has a number of different bumpers for your dock, to help keep your kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, paddle boats and motor boat’s saddle from bumping into your dock. Check out all the styles, sizes and colours of bumpers, you’re sure to find the right dock bumper for your lake needs.


3. Dock Accessories: It’s all in the Details Lakestyle’s Dock Ladders for Dock Safety

Docks are the perfect balance of form and function. Docks should look great but you will want them to work well too! Here are a few dock accessories to think about that can elevate your experience for your family and guests.

Dock Ladders

Having safe access to the water is essential for a dock. If you can’t get in and out of the water easily, it can be annoying, but also a safety hazard. Make sure to have at least one dock ladder, preferably two, so your family and guests have easy and safe access to and from the water. Lakestyle has a great selection of ladders that are compatible with any brand and style of dock.

Dock Lighting Lakestyle’s Solar Stud LED Dock Lights

Sunrises and sunsets are great moments to enjoy on your dock. Some of our favourite lake memories involve a hot cup of coffee watching the sun come up over the lake, or enjoying a cocktail as the sun sets over the water. At dusk and dawn, a little mood lighting is a nice addition to your dock. Lakestyle has these great solar stud LED dock lighting that can gently illuminate your dock, deck or walkway.


About Lakestyle

Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing  easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun! Check us out at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LakestyleCA!

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Best Type of Dock for Your Shoreline and Use

June 21, 2018

At Lakestyle we often get asked what type of materials are best to use for building a dock. With a number of options available, we would like to explain the qualities of each option available, to help you make an informed decision on what is best for your shoreline and use.

Lakestyle sells 3 main types of dock surfaces, which we believe are the solution for the majority of lake shoreline installations:

  1. Wood Docks – build your own or use some of our pre-built cedar docks or ready to assemble cedar dock kits
  2. Aluminum Docks – sprayed with a polyester Teflon powder coated finish, this is a classic, clean, and modern look
  3. PVC Docks – a strong, long lasting alternative that comes with or without drop in panels that clip in to make assembly a breeze

Building a Dock

As for framing, the vast majority of the dock frames we sell are aluminum dock frames. They look awesome and stand up great in the elements, come pre-drilled for our patented dock bracket system and can easily accommodate many different dock configurations.  What’s great about these aluminum dock frames is that you can use them to build a dock section with whatever decking material you want, so that you can match your sundeck or existing landscaping materials.

Factors to Consider when Designing a Dock

There are numerous factors to consider when designing a dock.  Factors such as weight, durability, cost, aesthetics, environmental conditions and design function and possible community bylaws.  These factors all play a part in improving your current dock system or planning for your future dock system.

Sun Exposure

Will your dock be consistently in the sun? If so, heat resistance may be something to consider. What kind of material is your dock made out of? Some metals, such as aluminum remain relatively cool to the touch, when treated with a surface finish. Some materials that are subject to consistent heat, tend to warp and wear more quickly. Be sure to find a material that can withstand the heat subjected to it.  All of Lakestyle’s aluminum dock sections are designed, built and treated to resist the sun’s damaging rays!

Esthetics: Style & Look of Your Dock

How your dock looks is important. You may want it to stand out or blend in depending on the environment you are in (treed, open body of water, small cove) and sometimes the style of dock is subject to community bylaws.  At Lakestyle, dock products are offered in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s preferences and needs.  Whether you’re after a dock that’s dark brown, light brown, grey, or even a natural cedar look, there are many decking surfaces to choose from to fit the look you’re dreaming of.

Dock Materials: Finish & Comfort

Similar to colour, there are a wide variety of options available. Will your dock be constantly wet? Will there be high volumes of people using the dock? If you’ve answered yes, a non-slip surface would definitely be needed as well as a material that wears more slowly.  Our engineered PVC decking options are built with structural deck boards that do not contain any foam or wood fillers and will not absorb moisture.  At Lakestyle, safety is important, so our comfortable slip-resistant dock sections stay cool to the touch and have no exposed fasteners.

Do you want more of a cushion feel under your feet? Will you be laying on the dock to soak up some sun? If so you may not want a dock surface with gaps between the boards. How your dock looks is one of the easiest factors to manage, Lakestyle offers a lot of customizable dock options that are easily configured and reconfigured to suit your style.  Lakestyle has a solution for any aesthetic or comfort request.

Weight of Dock

Weight is a common concern amongst purchasers. How many stories have you heard about a neighbour struggling with a dock that is too big, too heavy or too awkward to move? Think about when you will be putting your dock into and pulling it out of the water.  If you are like most dock owners, it will be the first day the ice is gone and the last day before it forms! Weight will matter because the less time spent working means more time for having fun! Lakestyle has many lightweight options, including dock sections with removable panels, for fast and easy installation and dock removal processes.

Dock Storage

For those that are able to leave their docks in year round, we envy you. For those of us that must take our dock in and out each season, think about where you will be storing the dock. Will it be stored outside? Covered? Having to disassemble and reassemble your dock each year can cause increased wear on the joints, dock brackets and other components that hold it all together.  At Lakestyle, our dock hardware is heavy duty and easily withstands the temperature extremes that we experience in our Canadian climate.  All of our dock brackets are extremely durable, rugged and will last season upon season.

Dock Maintenance

How willing are you to put in some elbow grease? Regardless of materials used, there is bound to be some dock maintenance required. Wood docks and cedar docks will likely require the most maintenance, while others materials, such PVC  docks are more plug and play. Lakestyle’s aluminum dock frames come pre-drilled, making our dock brackets easy to install and low maintenance.

Time in Use

How much you use your dock will obviously play a big factor in your planning and dock design process.  Think about the dock application and whether it will be susceptible to strong storms or placed in a protected cove. If you leave the dock in the water over the winter that will also play a factor during the freeze / thaw cycles and in Alberta, this can happen many times!

Dock Function

Is the intent for the dock to be used in a public setting? Will others be tying their boats up to it? What is the likelihood that damage will occur from neighbours and others not normally accustomed to its safe handling (think dragging materials across or dropping materials on, etc.)?  

Dock Accessories

What about dock accessories?  Do you need bumpers, benches, solar dock lights, ladders, or canoe/kayak/paddleboard racks?  Lakestyle can help make your dock more functional and fun for all your lake activities and entertaining needs.

Please visit our website to learn more or better yet, give us a call toll free 1-855-525-7895 and let us help create the dock that works best for you!

Tommy Docks

Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake life dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun!  Lakestyle is the exclusive Canadian retailer of Tommy Docks, beautiful and easy to install, quality docking system. Check us out at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LakestyleCA!


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Sailing in Alberta

August 17, 2017

Explore something new. Tackle another adventure. Keep learning, always keep learning. That’s how we do things around here. That spirit of curiosity and boundless limits are alive and well in our family.

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” @OfficialJimRohn  Here @LakestyleCA, we couldn’t agree more!

So, one day a few summers ago, Grandma and Grandpa bought a sailboat.  Her name is Miss Adventure (Missy for short) and she is a well loved beauty.  Their dream of learning to sail became a reality in the spring of 2014 at the Kelowna Yacht Club in British Columbia, when they set eyes on the green and white 1984 Catalina 22.  They quickly became her 4th owner and they could feel that she was up for many more adventures just off the shores of Sylvan Lake in Alberta, her new home.  When not sailing, Miss Adventure sits proudly in her lift by the dock, watching all the lake life and cabin life, anticipating her next sail.

Now what’s truly amazing is that there are so many people in land-locked Alberta that are also interested in sailing.  The Alberta Sailing Association website is a treasure trove of information about sailing, and has a Sailing Club Directory with over 20 different sailing clubs and associations.  It appears that in all corners of our province, opportunities exist to sail our beautiful waters.

Not sure if the weather conditions are favourable for a sail? Instantly find the wind and weather forecast for your location on the Windfinder website, an excellent source of information for kitesurfers, windsurfers, sup paddlers, kayaker, fishermen, boaters and sailors alike!  Whether it’s windy or not, getting out on your sailboat is time well spent.  If it’s breezy, get those sails up and catch some wind.  If the winds are calm, kick back and relax, cast a line or go for a dip off your port or starboard side.

Learning to sail has become a favourite activity at the lake.  Grandma and Grandpa have been teaching their grandkids, friends from near and far and even their big dog Charlie how to sail.  What fun to see the sparkle in someone’s eye when they pull the mainsail up and it billows with air or when they tack or jibe, successfully turning the sailboat in the desired direction.

It has been said that in sailing, as in life, it is not the destination, but rather the journey itself that truly matters.  Buy a sailboat, find a lake, learn to sail…. what a grand adventure!

Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun!  Check us out at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LakestyleCA!

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