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Lakestyle – Your Tommy Docks Retailer in Canada

We are committed to improving your lake lifestyle by creating less work and more enjoyment!

We know that having a property on a lake can be a lot of work, but there is ALWAYS something better to do. At Lakestyle, we are committed to providing you with Tommy Docks products that reduce the amount of time you spend working on your property and increase the time spent with family and friends doing what you dreamed of when you first got your piece of paradise on the water.

As cabin owners ourselves, we found that getting parts to build or fix our dock was difficult in Canada, from Alberta to Ontario, and could cost a fortune to ship from the USA – not to mention how much time it takes to get it delivered. We wanted to remove those obstacles by bringing you high quality, easy to use Tommy Docks products shipped right from our location in Calgary, Alberta to Eastern Canada, reducing shipping costs and times! No need to plan months in advance for the dock maintenance required at your lake property. No more waiting the whole season for a dock part to ship because you discovered you needed it during your spring setup.

Tommy Docks in Western & Eastern Canada

Why order your dock parts from a source located in the United States when Lakestyle has what you’re looking for in stock, from a trusted Canadian Tommy Docks retailer? Lakestyle is the only supplier of Tommy Docks parts in Western Canada and we pride ourselves on providing dock parts and services for the most user-friendly do-it-yourself dock system. Tommy Docks’ patented hardware system will deliver strength and superior stability to your dock. The Tommy Docks system is completely modular allowing you to easily create a multitude of different dock configurations.

At the Lake: Lakestyle Tommy Docks

Why use Tommy Docks parts?

• Easy to set up & take down

• No-settle, easy to remove dome-shape footpads and muck footpads

• Lighter, stronger, corrosion-resistant pipes

• Complete selection of accessories available

• Less hardware required through superior design

• Construct ATV bridges, lakeside patio decks and nature walkways over wetland areas with our heavy duty hardware

• Free expert problem-solving consulting

• Quick interlocking “L Pin” system

• Choice of normal duty or heavy duty systems

• Tommy Docks’ patented stable load-cradling bracket design

• Exceptionally corrosion-resistant hardware

• Secure safety cap pipe covers

• Rustproof stainless steel adjusting bolt and nut assemblies

We Are Where You Are

We at Lakestyle have been around Alberta and Western Canada lakes our whole lives. This gives us a unique advantage to help you find the right product for your lake, because we know the area!

Tommy Docks

Authorized Dealer

Lakestyle is the only retailer outside of Ontario and the Eastern United States, to sell Tommy Dock Products. We love this product and we want to share it with Western Canada reducing shipping costs and times.

Superior Products

We are committed to providing quality products that are fun and innovative. It is our goal to bring you products that will allow you to spend more time doing the things you love to do at the lake, and reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your property.

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    At Lakestyle, we are committed to bringing you innovative, quality products to increase the time you spend doing what you love and decreasing the time spent on maintenance at your lake property!