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Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds | Lakestyle Canada

June 18, 2019

Get ready for summer time at the lake with Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds including water toys, our favourite cozy warm socks and moccasins at night by the fire.

Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake Finds

Lakestyle has been searching for the latest and greatest perfect lake items for Spring and Summer 2019. Here are Lakestyle’s Summer Lake Finds for you to get out on your dock and enjoy this lake season.

Top 12 Summer Finds

1. The All Natural Ceasar Mix [$7.99] by Walters is sure to get your taste buds hopping and your afternoon rocking this summer at the lake. Check out Goodness Me! to order yours online today or check out Find Walter to locate brick and mortar locations for pick up.

2. The Floating Island Pad [$769] from Lakestyle Inc. will keep an entire group of children or adults entertained on the water all weekend. Say goodbye to buying inflatable lake toys every season, as this huge floating island will never spring a leak.


3. The Rocky Mountain Soap Company is committed to providing natural simple ingredients in their products. A great soap to add to your cabin or cottage bathroom this summer is the Cedarwood and Fir Bar Soap [$5.95] as it brings nature in with its woodsy aromas.



4. At the Drake General Store there is a perfect match for your cabin pancakes – Amber Maple Syrup [$18.00]. Your breakfasts and brunches will never be the same.


5. The Solar Stud Lights [39.99] for Lakestyle Inc. are a fantastic way to light up a deck, dock, driveway, patio or outdoor stairs at the cabin or cottage. Designed with a solid cast aluminum body that is sealed to resist weather and moisture, these lights will light your lake activities long into the night.


6. The Canadian Flag Deluxe Armchair [$21.99] from Canadian Tire features a strong weather resistant steel frame, a Canadian flag printed on both sides and is made of durable polyester fabric with a water repellent coating to encourage water beading. With a mesh beverage holder located in the arm rest, this chair is perfect for lazy long days on the dock.


7. Canoe Suede Moccasins [$99.99] from Manitobah are perfect for this lazy coffee mornings at the lake. Look stylish and comfortable while supporting a great #madeinCanada company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


8. Breanne Morrow, a talented Canadian Artist has started a studio called White Feather Designs in Meaford, Ontario. With many designs and collections to choose from, there will be a jewelry piece that speaks to you. Lakestyle likes the Multi Reticulated Necklace in Mint [$95.00].


9. The Aqua Blue Iced Tea Pitcher [$28.00] from David’s Tea is sure to cool off all of your summer lake guests. The pitcher isn’t limited to making tea. Try using it to make our signature Lakestyle Cucumber Lemonade recipe.


10. The Prairie Mug [$25.00] from Flannel Foxes is a stylish way to stay toasty at the cabin this summer on those stormy days as well as those chilly mornings on the dock in the warmer months.


11. These Hard Working at the Lake Socks [$18.00] from Blacknot Farm® (Petersfield, MB) are perfect for kicking back at the lake. Whether you are boating, or sitting on your dock, your toes are sure to stay warm in a pair of these beauties.


12. Last but no least of Lakestyle’s Top 12 Summer Lake finds is a new zero maintenance dock ladder [starting at $244.00] from Lakestyle. A new dock ladder will freshen up the look of your entire dock. These ladders are compatible to any dock system and their aluminum construction means no maintenance is required.


What are your top summer lake finds? Share your favourites in the comments section!

Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are to spend less time working and more time having fun! Check us out at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @LakestyleCA!



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Ice Fishing Safety Tips

January 05, 2018

Many of Lakestyle’s favourite winter activities take place near or on the ice. Ice usually appears on our Alberta lakes in mid to late fall and can remain well into the spring. As much as we love to skate, toboggan, and go ice fishing on the lake during the winter months, it’s important to stay safe.

Ice Fishing - Lakestyle - Winter Lake Toys Here are some great safety tips to keep in mind when playing near or on the ice:

  • Obey posted signs on when and where ice surface is acceptable for activities.
  • Avoid traveling on any ice in non-daylight hours.
  • Know the fishing regulations for the lake your fishing on.
  • Never walk on ice that is less than 15 cm thick and do not drive on ice that is less than 30 cm thick.
  • Beware of ice near the entrance and exits of streams and rivers. Ice can vary in thickness and strength from area to area because of temperature, water current, springs, snow cover, and time of year.
  • Fish with a buddy, for increased safety. Make sure to discuss a rescue plan before one is needed.
  • If your pet falls through the ice, call for help. Resist the temptation to go out onto the ice after them, the ice is likely not going to hold your weight either.
  • If you are driving a vehicle on frozen water, do not drive fast, do not follow closely behind or park near another vehicle on the ice. Ice can bend and crack under the weight of people, vehicles or heavy snow.
  • Keep an eye on ice and snow conditions ahead of you while driving, as the ice conditions can change rapidly from one area to another.
  • Always check the forecast, you don’t want to get caught out on the ice in a storm.
  • When travelling in a vehicle on lake ice, keep your seat belts off, open your window a crack, and half unlatch your door so it can be opened quickly.
  • Always carry a shovel and tow rope in your vehicle.
  • Wear a flotation device and cold protection suit, even if you’re fishing from shore or on thick ice.
  • Always carry waterproof matches and nails or spikes in your pocket to help you get out of the water.

Ice Fishing - Lakestyle - 5 Days Fishing

If you fall through the ice and into the freezing lake water:

  • Go to the ice edge and break your way to ice that can hold your weight.
  • Crawl on your belly up on the ice, spreading your weight as far as possible. Use nails or spikes for added traction.
  • Crawl on your belly, keeping weight distributed until you reach solid ground. Standing up prematurely may mean that you fall through the ice again.
  • Immediately seek a warm place to remove wet clothes. Hypothermia can set in quickly if you do not take proper steps to get dry and warm.


Ice Fishing - Lakestyle - Teamwork

Consider bringing along a Safety Kit for Ice Fishing.  You will need:

  • Ice picks, rope, cell phone (in a waterproof container) and a first aid kit. Other safety equipment to be considered includes: flashlight, waterproof matches/lighter, tool kit, candles and survival blanket.


Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LakestyleCA!

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Cabin Fever

December 11, 2017

Cabin Fever.  For anyone who spends any sort of time at a cabin in Alberta, or Canada for that matter, there are bound to be days full of blustery, rainy, snowy, or chilly weather.  Often, these many hours or days spent inside, looking outside, can cause something commonly referred to as cabin fever.

Cabin Fever - Lakestyle Inc.

Wikipedia describes cabin fever as “an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group ends up in an isolated or solitary location, or stuck indoors in confined quarters for an extended period. Cabin fever describes the extreme irritability and restlessness a person may feel in these situations.”

Cabin Fever - Lakestyle Inc.

While undeniably, our Lakestyle family has experienced this cabin fever phenomenon on occasion, we have had many more memorable indoor cabin memories that far outweigh the cabin fever days.

Cabin Fever - Lakestyle Inc.

When we are at our cabin, it seems that the pace of life slows down and more time opens up to enjoy some of the activities that we wish we got to more often.  At our cabin, we don’t have TV or WiFi, so our chilly days are spent much differently than they are at home.  On any given cabin fever kind of day, we can be found snuggling on the couch under blankets with a roaring fire, reading our favourite books, completing crafts and colouring at the kitchen table, or cooking tasty treats and drinks in our cozy cabin kitchen.

Cabin Fever - Lakestyle

We also shouldn’t forget those cabin board game battles, as a memorable way to combat cabin fever.  A Chinese proverb wisely says “Just one game they said and started to play – that was yesterday.”  What a lovely way to make a day disappear, but in the challenge found in a board game with family and friends!

Cabin Fever - Lakestyle Inc.

Sometimes, these games become a story of their own, remembered as the ‘Epic Uno Game’ or the ‘Never Ending Monopoly Marathon’, while other tales are told because of the mere level of competition.  I’m sure we have all played with someone at some point who jokes that if you’re not willing to lose all your friends over a board game, then you must not be playing hard enough.

On these less than perfect weather days, I don’t think we realize that we are making memories, we just think we are having fun, spending time embracing cabin fever!


While there’s no doubt, our favourite activity at the cabin is to be out on the water on a fabulous dock, we wouldn’t trade these days. What will you get up to when cabin fever threatens to strike in your neck of the woods?


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Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun!  Check us out at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LakestyleCA!

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