The creation of Lakestyle Inc!

January 03, 2017

We are so excited to share our newest venture with you, finally! The idea for Lakestyle Inc. has been floating around for a while now, so we finally took the plunge and made it a reality.

It all started because we love our time at our own cabin, and while we know that some work is necessary, we are always looking for ways to either minimize the work or make it as fast and efficient as possible. As we had purchased a previously loved property, it came with a dock already built which was wonderful! We made note of the Tommy Docks parts and were instantly impressed with how easy they were to use, and how little time and tools it took. The downside came when we wanted to add on to our dock, we found that the only places to get Tommy Dock parts were American retailers for the most part, and all in the East.

Lightbulb moment, we supply these fantastic parts and add on our own services and VOILA! Lakestyle is born! Lakestyle is the only retailer outside of Ontario and the Eastern United States to sell Tommy Dock parts. We not only sell them, but we have them in stock, saving you money and the time required for shipping.

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    At Lakestyle, we are committed to bringing you innovative, quality products to increase the time you spend doing what you love and decreasing the time spent on maintenance at your lake property!